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Pictured are the winners of the "Best Canadian subject" for the SIG (special interest groups) contest at Telford 2011,for IMPS UK nationals. Six members of our club were in attendance for the contest. Although none of us had entered a kit. We were able to take in a lot of good models on display as well as in the contest. The overseas liaison for the UK nationals was Gary Wenko,an American living in England. He proved to be invaluable in helping us enter and present our medals. Our medals were a huge hit at the nationals,and were the talk of convention. So successful were we,that we have talked with Gary about sponsoring this category for years to come. Gary Barling from IPMS Canada was also onhand. He is also a member of IPMS Farnbourgh in England.Together with Gary, IPMS Canada has been sponsoring our own regional for the past two year with a "Best in Show" award. Gary Barling has been most supportive of our club and its endevours over the past 3 years. IPMS Winnipeg also sponsored a category at last years IPMS USA nationals in the armor category 1/48 and larger.
 GOLD - Roy Allen, a member of IPMS Fine Waterline SIG, with his scratch built ship model of HMCS Winnipeg.
Not Available  SILVER - Rick Williams, of IPMS South East Essex Branch, with a 1/35 scale model of a Staghound.
 BRONZE - John Tate, member of UK & Commonwealth Armed Forces SIG, with a 1/35 scale Leopard.
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